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easy to carry, suitable for all occasions. chic, thanks to the refined materials and elevated design details. ‘in a bit’, quickly customized for any occasion

 Modular interchangeable handbags and watches, that can be mixed and matched with different elements to create a custom pieces. built just for your taste and lifestyle.

Our Story

With a long and notable history in the fashion accessory industry, JU’STO is a family owned  company that with a mission to elevate the process of producing EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) materials and give them a place in the world of fashion.

The EVAlution of Fashion

With house Art Director Emanuele Magenta leading the way, the highly utilitarian EVA material is transformed into a high quality design. JU’STO products are manufactured and assembled manually, one by one, using the best high quality components in the family factory in Padua, Italy.  


 Although EVA is a plastic, the modular nature means that less products end up in the landfill. One bag alone can be reused by styling it in any of the 1000’s of ways, to suit any occasion This concept reduces the need to buy different bags for every occasion.


Marine Print Satin Scarf - 24 X 24


to the brand, representatives and customers alike

Fringe W/Tassel - Light Brown


unshakably confident and in constant pursuit of our objections


continuous innovation in our field, which drives the organization

J-ELLIS Cylinder Bag - Quilted Powder


to be socially responsible in our product and social conditions

“Creativity is thinking up new thing. Innovation is doing new things.”

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