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What sets JU’STO apart? Our materials and textiles are chosen by in house designer and stylist to combine the functional EVA material with stylish/ luxe elements.


The core of JU’STO. Bag ‘bodies’ are produced in EVA plastic – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which makes a flexible an elastic product. 

Although it has a look and feel similar to foam or rubber, it is actually a soft spongy plastic. 

EVA is impervious to bacteria and fungus due to a closed cellular structure. It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. You will find it in children’s toys, play mats, pet accessories and packaging for luxury products. It is also often used for gym equipment, swimming pool accessories and the soles of shoes and sandals – such as Birkenstock.

We take a normal EVA and imprint it with different textures: Eco-leather or Saffiano to elevate the look and feel of the EVA. 


Neoprene or more commonly considered Scuba fabric, is porous and flexible. It is flexibility, resistant to tearing, crushing and crumpling. 

It is both heat and water resistant. 


Made in cotton, Canvas is strong and sturdy. Differing from heavy cotton fabrics, such as denim, in being plain weave rather than twill weave.


Our Jacquard fabrics are characterized by intricate woven patterns such as geometric patterns or floral drawings. They are made by a weaving style that braides threads of various colors together on a loom to create the pattern. 

A synthetic leather that has an appearance similar to natural leather, but is actually a polyurethane coated canvas. We imprint the PU resin with  a leather like texture to create a better look and feel. 


Traditional Rattan is a natural material made from binding the fibers of different tropical plants.

We have created a ecological version of rattan using paper. The paper has the same characteristics f natural rattan, yet provides a more sustainable alternative. 


Our twill, such as the lilac clutch, is a very light fabric made mostly with silk. This textile is woven in a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs.

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